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Miconi Project Management provides real estate project management and consulting services to clients with operations in Mississippi and the Mid-South. Whether you are building a new facility, relocating to a new space or renovating your current space, Miconi Project Management has the flexibility and the desire to adapt to the needs of business owners, developers or directors of real estate. If your corporation requires project management expertise, or if there is a remote location that stretches your company’s logistical abilities, Miconi Project Management will provide the support to help ensure your facilities projects are delivered on budget, on time and with professionalism. Our services allow you to have confidence that your office and facilities needs are being met efficiently and effectively while your focus remains on your core business. Headquartered in Oxford, MS, Miconi Project Management is equipped to manage projects throughout the Mid-South in areas such as Memphis, TN and DeSoto County including Hernando, Olive Branch, and Southaven, MS; Tupelo, MS; Batesville, MS; Jackson, MS; and the Mississippi Delta including Clarksdale, Greenwood, Greenville, Cleveland, and Indianola.


Miconi Project Management believes that success will be attained when project goals are communicated effectively and consistently to the stakeholders throughout a project’s duration. From project initiation through project close out, clients of Miconi Project Management will benefit from our dedication to providing the professionalism, precision and push needed to deliver projects within scope, on schedule and within budget.